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Meet Our Team


Photo Of D. Aaron Brock

D. Aaron Brock

Founding Partner

Photo Of Erica Allen Gonzales

Erica Allen Gonzales

Founding Partner

Photo Of Robert P. Biegler

Robert P. Biegler

Of Counsel

Photo Of Lee Cirsch

Lee Cirsch


Photo Of Lindsay L. Bowden

Lindsay L. Bowden

Managing Attorney
Photo Of Jesse Stratos

Jesse Stratos

Senior Associate
Photo Of Paul H. Hirsch

Paul H. Hirsch

Senior Associate

Photo Of Danielle GruppChang

Danielle GruppChang

Lead Class and Representative Action Associate

Photo Of Christina Kerner

Christina Kerner

Senior Associate

Photo of Zachary A. Price

Zachary A. Price

Personal Injury Department Head

Photo Of Cory Hurwitz

Cory Hurwitz

Senior Counsel

Photo of Douglas Hayes

Douglas Hayes

Senior Counsel