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What Is Failure To Reimburse Business Expenses?

 California law requires employers to reimburse employees for all necessary work-related expenses.  If an employee incurred any reasonable and necessary expenses, the expenses were necessary to do his or her job, the employer knew or should have known of the expenses, and the employer has failed to appropriately reimburse the expenses, the employer has failed to reimburse business expenses under California law.

If you believe your employer has failed to reimburse necessary business expenses, do not hesitate to contact the employment lawyers at Brock & Gonzales LLP. Send us an email or call 310-294-9595. We have offices in Los Angeles, Oakland, and Sacramento, and our attorneys fight for the rights of employees throughout California.

What is a necessary business expense?

 A necessary business expense is an expense that an employee incurred as a direct consequence of his or her job duties. Common work-related expenses include: mileage associated with performing work tasks, business use of a personal cell phone, costs associated with a work uniform or dress code, education or training costs, and the costs associated with use of a home office.

How much reimbursement am I entitled to?

 In California, reimbursement rates must be reasonable, however employees must also receive full reimbursement for expenses incurred unless the expense is only partially work-related.  If an employee has a receipt or invoice for his or her business expense, the amount of the reimbursement should be the actual amount of the expense incurred.  Some expenses are partially work-related, such as the use of a personal cell phone or use of a home office for work, in which case you may only be entitled to a percentage of the expense that reasonably reflects how often the expense is work-related.

What are you entitled to if your employer failed to reimburse you for necessary business expenses?

 If your employer fails to provide the necessary reimbursement for business expenses, you may be entitled to the amount owed for the business expense, interest, and attorneys’ fees that are incurred while enforcing your right to reimbursement.

Contact A California Employment Lawyer

 Brock & Gonzales LLP specializes in wage and hour cases.  If you feel your employer has failed to reimburse you for necessary business expenses, contact us to set up a free consultation. Please call 310-294-9595 or reach us by email. With offices in Los Angeles, Oakland, and Sacramento, we fight for the rights of employees statewide.

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