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What Is Failure To Properly Pay Wages?

Both California and Federal law regulate what kind of wages employers must pay their employees for different kinds of work.  The law sets specific provisions for mandatory overtime and minimum wages for all non-exempt employees.  If your employer fails to properly pay overtime, fails to pay minimum wages, or fails to pay for all hours worked, you may be entitled to the unpaid wages, civil penalties, and waiting time penalties.

If you believe your employer has failed to properly pay your wages, do not hesitate to contact the employment lawyers at Brock & Gonzales LLP. Send us an email or call 310-294-9595. We have offices in Los Angeles, Oakland, and Sacramento, and our attorneys fight for the rights of employees throughout California.

What is “Overtime”?

 Generally, overtime is any time a non-exempt employee works in excess of eight (8) hours in a workday, forty (40) hours in a workweek, or six (6) consecutive days in a workweek.  Employers are required to pay employees at least one-and-a-half times their regular rate of pay for any overtime work.  Employers are also required to pay non-exempt employees at least double their regular rate of pay for any time worked in excess of twelve (12) hours in a workday or eight (8) hours on the seventh (7th) consecutive day in a workweek.

What is “Off-the-clock” Work?

 Off-the-clock work is any work an employee may do for their employer, with their employer’s knowledge, without pay (while not clocked in).  Off-the-clock work can include things like, answering work-related calls or messages while not on the clock, changing into or out of a uniform, or waiting for bag checks after clocking out (among other examples). The law requires employers to pay employees for all work off the clock.

What are “Waiting Time Penalties”?

 The law gives specific deadlines for when an employer has to pay an employee their earned wages while employed, when they are terminated, or when they resign.  If an employer does not pay all earned wages to their employees by the deadlines provided by the law, they must pay employees the unpaid wages, a waiting time penalty, and interest on the unpaid wages.

 What are you entitled to recover if your employer failed to properly pay wages?

 If you can show that your employer failed to properly pay all wages, you may be entitled to the unpaid regular and overtime wages, civil penalties, waiting time penalties, and interest on the unpaid wages.

Contact A California Employment Lawyer

 Brock & Gonzales LLP specializes in wage and hour cases.  If you feel you have not properly been paid all wages owed to you, contact us to set up a free consultation. Please call 310-294-9595 or reach us by email. With offices in Los Angeles, Oakland, and Sacramento, we fight for the rights of employees statewide.

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