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Employment Law

Lost wages beyond your hourly pay

If you get injured in a car accident, there’s certainly a chance that you will want to claim lost wages as part of the damages. Even missing a single day at work deserves compensation for the time you spent in the hospital or dealing with the aftermath of the...

Can employees discuss their salaries?

Co-workers talking about salaries has been perceived as "illegal" for some time. However, not only is it allowed, such discussions have helped many people know they are being paid less than their colleagues. The California Labor Commissioner's Office has a mission to...

Reporting workplace harassment is not easy

There is no such thing as the perfect job. Very few individuals are happy 100% of the time they are at work. Nonetheless, there is a big difference between routine workplace stresses and harassment. Harassment at work is unlawful and the consequences of such behavior...

Is your boss acting inappropriately?

The majority of workplaces have some sort of hierarchy. Companies tend to run more smoothly when someone is in charge and tasks are delegated appropriately. Unfortunately, being in a position of power can go to a person’s head and they can act out toward their...