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Workplace bullying takes on various forms 

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2022 | Workplace Harassment |

Many of us have had at least a few experiences with the playground bully. This would have been worse for some than others. What’s not in dispute is that the impacts of bullying can last a lifetime. 

Unfortunately, bullying behavior does not end with adulthood, and it can happen in the workplace. The only difference is that as you get older, bullying can take on more complex forms. 

The workplace is where we spend most of our time and it’s also the most likely place that we may experience bullying as an adult. Outlined below are some of the most common types of bullying in the workplace. 

Abuse of power 

The majority of companies have some form of hierarchical structure in place. For instance, the owner oversees the manager, the managers take care of the supervisors and the supervisors watch the employees.

While some individuals may hold higher ranks or titles, that doesn’t mean that all employees should not be treated with respect. Sometimes, power can go to a person’s head and they may become unbearable to work with because of constant bullying behavior that belittles employees. 

Physical and verbal bullying 

Bullying is time immemorial and it has always enlisted in physical and verbal forms. Any form of abusive or degrading statements could be classified as bullying and both minor and physical contact as well. Again, it often comes down to a power dynamic and making the victim feel small. 


Of course, in today’s day and age, it’s important to remember the cyber aspect of bullying. Hateful messages can be sent via email, text and numerous other platforms. In some cases, victims of bullying have even had sites made in their name in an attempt to embarrass them. 

You work hard for a living and you have every right to be treated with dignity and respect while you do this. If you feel like your workplace has become hostile, make sure you look into your legal options.