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Are you being singled out at work because of your age? 

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2022 | Employment Law |

You’re one of the more senior workers in your company. You’ve been around for a while which shows that you are loyal. You’ve also always been courteous to new arrivals. 

Unfortunately, the same courtesy has not been given back to you in return recently. You’re being singled out because of your age. This is ageism and it is as unlawful as any other type of discrimination. What does ageism look like at work and what can you do about it?

Have you been subjected to harassment? 

One of the more serious forms of ageism is harassment. This can take various forms, but it often amounts to disparaging comments and treatment based on your age. For instance, a co-worker might claim that you are unable to carry out various tasks (when you clearly are) in an attempt to put you down in front of others. This can be severely disheartening, particularly when it happens on a repeated basis. 

Are you being left out? 

A new position has come up and it would be a step up for you. You’re more than capable of doing the job. Your abilities and experience outshine the other applicants. But, you haven’t even been considered. It’s been suggested by the higher-ups that you’re just too old. It is unlawful for a company to deny you opportunities solely because of your age. 

All workers deserve to be treated with respect and you are no exception. If you’re having a hard time because of discrimination or harassment, make sure you look into your legal options