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It’s 2022, but sexual harassment is still happening at work

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2022 | Workplace Harassment |

Sexual harassment can happen in virtually any work environment, whether you’re sitting in an office or you’re working remotely from home. It’s an unfortunate reality for many men and women that they have to be exposed to this kind of harassment from their employers, colleagues and clients.

Any time you’re working in a hostile work environment, you deserve an opportunity to seek fair compensation and to hold those responsible accountable for their actions. Whether you’re facing quid pro quo harassment, which exchanges benefits in exchange for sexual favors, or you are a victim of unwelcome sexual advances in a hostile environment, you are deserving of support and the right to work in a workplace free of these issues.

What kinds of conduct are sexual harassment?

There are all kinds of behaviors that may constitute sexual harassment, such as:

  • Playing sexual pranks on people.
  • Making remarks about the way someone looks.
  • Making sexual advances when the person does not want them.
  • Physical touching.
  • Sexual comments.
  • Displaying sexual or offensive content in the workplace.
  • Getting emails containing sexual content.

These and other issues constitute sexual harassment, and you may be able to report those behaviors and seek compensation for having to deal with them.

What do you do when sexual harassment happens in your workplace?

If sexual harassment happens at work, you need to let your supervisor or human resources department know as soon as possible. Your employer is responsible for providing you with a safe work environment, so they must take action to correct the problem as soon as possible.

If they know about the harassment but do not take action, then they could be sued and face heavy penalties for their negligence and unwillingness to help.

You deserve to know your rights when dealing with sexual harassment

If you’re facing sexual harassment at work, you deserve to know your rights. Victims of sexual harassment have legal recourse. You can speak with an employment law attorney to get help and to figure out how you’d like to move forward with your case. The right help can make a difference and get you out of an unfair, upsetting situation.