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Who pays for serious injuries suffered in a national park?

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2022 | Serious Injuries |

Southern California is home to several amazing national parks, such as Death Valley, Joshua Tree and Sequoia. These parks draw visitors from around the world. Many Californians visit these locations regularly, as well, to enjoy the beauty of the state.

Most national parks are kept close to their natural state to preserve wildlife habitats and protect the park’s flora. While beautiful, these parks are also dangerous, with many annual injuries and fatalities.

Are park death rates reliable?

You can find information about injuries and deaths in these locations, but it might be inaccurate. The travel site,, discovered that some reported death rates in national parks failed to factor in the number of visitors received each year. After adjusting the totals to account for the number of annual visitors, a different picture of the dangers emerged.

Which national parks had the most deaths?

Three national parklands in Southern California appeared on the list of 10 parks with high (adjusted) death rates from 2010 through 2020.

  1.   Sequoia and King’s Canyon saw 75 deaths, typically due to falls.
  2.   Death Valley saw 41 total visitor deaths, most by vehicle crashes.
  3.   The Channel Islands saw ten fatalities, with drowning as the top cause of death.

Other California parks also appeared, including Yosemite (126 deaths) and Redwood (21 deaths).

Can you seek compensation for injury or death?

Although government entities typically enjoy immunity from injury suits, they may still be liable for your harm. National parks are often wild and untamed, but federal park workers must ensure they are reasonably free of safety hazards.

If you suffered injuries or the loss of a loved one while visiting a national park, learn more about negligence and premises liability claims against the government. Working with a legal advocate may open pathways to compensation you might not have considered.