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Pool dangers involve more than drowning

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2022 | Serious Injuries |

Southern Californians love the backyard pool life. Whether they are frolicking with friends at a pool party or hosting guests at their own poolside parties, our year-round temperate climate is perfect for gatherings big and small by the pool.

But that is not to say that pools are always safe. They are not – and for some of the reasons you might not realize. Read on to learn about one very dangerous aspect of pools, whether it is located in a hotel or someone’s backyard.

Drain entrapment can kill

It is understandable that you may not be familiar with the dangers of drain entrapment in pools and spas. Sometimes referred to as suction entrapment, the term refers to the deadly situation that arises when an adult or child gets “stuck” to the powerful underwater suction of an open or broken pool circulation system.

Different body parts, clothing can get trapped

Imagine you are immersed in a poolside spa, soaking sore muscles. You decide to submerge yourself to get your hair wet and slide down below the surface of the bubbling water. Suddenly, you feel a painful tug on your long, flowing hair. It has gotten caught up in the suction of the spa’s powerful drainage system, and now your head is completely underwater. Barring intervention by another individual or a miracle, you will suffer irreversible brain damage and die in a little over three minutes.

That is a very scary scenario. Sadly, the circumstances can be repeated with the same deadly results if clothing, jewelry, arms or legs get caught and held fast to the suction system. 

A gruesome final danger

Sadly, there is still another danger of which you should beware – and warn your children. Instruct them never to sit on a pool drain at the bottom of a pool or press their torsos against the pool’s water circulation system. Doing so could cause evisceration. Even if they survive the initial horrific trauma, the long-term outcome of these situations remains poor.

Consider your options if injured in someone’s pool

Most – if not all — dangers associated with drain entrapment can be avoided by preventive maintenance and being a responsible pool and spa owner. If you are injured due to another person’s liability, you may need to seek civil justice through the California courts.