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What dangers do poorly lit parking lots pose?

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2021 | Serious Injuries |

In a parking lot at night, the combination of darkness and moving vehicles makes for a dangerous mix. There’s so much more than darkness and moving cars to worry about in poorly lit parking lots, however.

When the lights go out, danger looms. Accidents, kidnappings, robberies and murders are all fair game when the owner of a parking lot decides to leave their premises in a poorly maintained condition or inadequately secured.

Poorly lit parking lots are criminal playgrounds

Criminals prefer to operate while unseen. In a dark parking lot, the chance of a person becoming the victim of a robbery dramatically increases, especially in indoor parking garages where screams for help are less likely to be heard in a poorly lit basement of an underground parking garage.

Statistically, more than 10% of criminal activity occurs in parking lots, including auto burglaries. Luxury vehicles are notoriously susceptible to being burglarized or stolen when criminals have an opportunity to engage in their illicit activities with no lights, cameras or security guards to see them in action. Kidnapping is another danger you may potentially face when using a poorly lit parking facility. 

If those issues are not bad enough, the opportunity to become injured increases substantially due to the inability to potentially see where you are walking or what you are stepping into. Car accidents also significantly elevate in parking lots and garages with poor lightning and inferior design due to sharp turns with many shadows and blind spots.

What to do if you suffered injuries in a poorly lit parking lot

Property owners and managers are aware of the risks posed by a dark parking lot of parking deck, and they’re obligated to take steps to minimize them for the safety of their guests and visitors.

If you have been the victim of a robbery, theft, kidnapping, injury or a car accident in a poorly lit parking lot, you have every right to expect compensation from a negligent property owner. An attorney can help you learn more.