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Tips to help prevent car accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2020 | Firm News |

Most likely, you or someone you know has sustained a severe injury in a motor vehicle accident. If you have had first-hand experience dealing with the aftermath of a life-changing accident, you know how frightening and frustrating it can be to obtain medical treatment, ongoing care and compensation.

Car accidents are a global concern. Annually, about 1.25 million people die in vehicle collisions. In the U.S., 37,000 people are killed in road accidents each year. Because of how frequent and severe car crashes can be, drivers should do what they can to mitigate the risk.

Who is most at risk?

Car accidents can happen to anyone that drives or rides in a vehicle. An accident can also involve pedestrians, bicyclists and joggers. The more time a person spends on the road, the more likely they are to be involved in a collision.

Commuters, frequent travelers and those whose career involves operating a truck or vehicle face the highest risk. Here are some safety tips all drivers can follow:

  • Don’t text and drive
  • Avoid drowsy driving
  • Follow the speed limit
  • Use your seatbelt
  • Try to avoid traffic when possible
  • Nighttime driving may require extra attention and caution

Even if you do your best to stay safe, you cannot control the actions of another driver. Other drivers, especially those under the influence of drugs or alcohol, can threaten your well-being.

Drunk drivers threaten your safety

In California alone, as of 2018, nearly 42% of all drivers killed in motor vehicle accidents test positive for drug or alcohol impairment.

Not only do drunk or drugged drivers put themselves in danger, they endanger the lives of others. Hopefully, following these tips can help you and your loved ones avoid a hazardous situation.