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How dangerous is vaping for teens?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2019 | Firm News |

Smoking has long been an issue for teens. That is why state laws are so strict about age limits and preventing minors from getting their hands on them. However, a new wave of nicotine products have hit the market, and they seem to be quite attractive to teens. Vaping is becoming the new hot button issue for underage consumers. California is trying to do its part, along with the federal government, to stop teens from using vaping products. One of the biggest factors driving this movement is recent information that suggests vaping can cause serious health issues in teens.

KCAL explains that experts link vaping to serious lung damage. Since vaping is fairly new, there are not as many studies or long-term results to show what it can do to the body. However, new evidence shows it can cause breathing problems due to damage to the lungs.

Doing it can lead to asthma-like symptoms and possibly permanent lung damage. There is not enough evidence to show vaping is the cause just yet, though. However, health professionals say it would make sense that vaping would lead to lung damage because of the high concentrations of nicotine contained in vaping products.

Experts are working towards more studies to get concrete proof of the effects of vaping on teens’ health. The health warnings, though, do not seem to deter teens from using the products. Even the major campaigns targeting teens to stop vaping do not seem to be stopping the issue, but time will tell the true effects of this product. This information is for education and is not legal advice.