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Becoming aware of the dangers of electric scooters

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2019 | Firm News |

Electric scooters are a new, convenient way to get around California for those who would rather not drive or do not have a car. That said, the scooters are not without their safety risks.

Forbes highlights some of the dangers electric scooter riders face. Anyone considering using a scooter should become fully aware of how to stay safe and unharmed to arrive at their destination in one piece.

Struck by a moving vehicle, falls and collisions

Three of the most common accidents to scooter riders include collisions, falls and impacts from moving vehicles. Head trauma, bone fractures, cuts, sprains and bruises are the most prevalent injuries of those accidents.

Lack of helmets

When scooter riders are in accidents, wearing a helmet can go a long way in preventing unnecessary injuries. Unfortunately, not many riders follow this safety tip. Just like with distracted driving, scooter riders also ride distracted by wearing earbuds, drinking beverages and looking at their phone.

Faulty brakes

Some injuries are owed to scooters with faulty brakes. Combining a faulty scooter with a lack of a helmet can put riders at risk of serious injury.

Distracted drivers

Motorists either not used to sharing the road with scooters or drive distracted may also injure riders. One victim was riding a scooter across a crosswalk when a vehicle struck him. He suffered two broken legs, a neck break in three spots and a punctured lung. He was lucky he was not paralyzed.

States have started to put safety regulations in place for electric scooters. Hopefully, they will help minimize unnecessary injuries and incidents.