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Oversized pickup trucks are putting others at risk

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

It’s no secret that pickup trucks are getting larger. Many consumers like oversized pickup trucks, buying into the branding that these are rugged and powerful vehicles. It may become part of their identity. Some drive these vehicles for work, but many people just use them to commute or to go to the grocery store.

Regardless of the reason why they’re driven, studies have found that the increasing size of pickup trucks is a danger to almost everyone else on the road.

Long blind spots

One of the biggest issues is that the blindspots in these pickup trucks are huge. In one study, the blindspot in a truck was around 7 feet longer than the blindspot seen by someone driving an SUV, one of the other most popular types of vehicles. When compared to sedans, the truck’s blindspot was 11 feet longer.

This is especially dangerous for children, cyclists and other pedestrians. Pickup truck drivers may not see them at all in crosswalks or parking lots.

But even for those in other vehicles, there is a danger from these trucks. Serious injuries are more likely for the person in the smaller vehicle. Pickup truck drivers sometimes view this as a benefit, thinking that their large truck keeps them safe in a crash. But the reality is that the truck actually just increases the danger for people in the other vehicle, mostly due to its height and weight.

Pickup trucks are incredibly common in the United States, and they cause many serious car accidents. Those who have lost loved ones in these accidents, or who may have suffered life-changing injuries, need to know how they can seek financial compensation from the negligent drivers who caused these accidents.