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Why people with brain injuries may not realize they’ve sustained harm

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2023 | Serious Injuries |

There are numerous scenarios in which an individual could end up injuring their brain. They might slip and fall while shopping or hit their head on the steering wheel during a car crash. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can leave someone unable to work and might even force them to change professions.

Brain injuries can require hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in medical care and might leave people dependent on around-the-clock nursing support for machinery. Yet, despite how serious brain injuries can be, people involved in crashes or falls often don’t notice their injuries immediately.

Why do people often overlook TBIs?

The body’s response to stress

When people experience some kind of trauma, like a car crash or a fall, their bodies will often produce a powerful stress response. Their brain produces a number of chemicals, such as adrenaline, to help the person defend themselves or get out of an unsafe situation. Those chemicals can cover up pain and other early warning signs that someone may have hurt themselves.

The way brain injuries work

The other reason why it is so easy for people to overlook a TBI has to do with how a brain injury develops. The initial trauma only serves as the catalyst for the injury. For many people with a TBI, it will be the long-term bleeding inside their skull or swelling that results from severe bruising that will cause their most concerning symptoms. It can often take multiple days after the initial trauma for such symptoms to develop.

By the time people realize they don’t just have a simple headache but rather a persistent and worsening headache, their injury may have already progressed to a more serious stage. Seeking out a timely medical evaluation after a crash or a fall could help someone obtain quicker and possibly more effective treatment for their injuries. Similarly, seeking legal guidance quickly can help an injury victim to better ensure that they receive any and all compensation to which they’re rightfully entitled.