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Why a serious brain injury can affect someone’s entire family

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2023 | Serious Injuries |

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can result in massive consequences for an injury victim. The symptoms they experience could range from a change in personality to issues with motor function or memory. A person who hurts their brain in a car crash or similar incident will typically incur medical expenses and may also have lost wages to consider.

The average person will readily acknowledge how challenging a TBI can be for someone who gets hurt. Fewer people understand how challenging such injuries can be for someone’s close family members.

Their housing needs may change

The specific symptoms someone develops because of a TBI will determine what kinds of care and accommodations they need. Some people need more accessible housing because they may now rely on wheelchairs or crutches. They might have equilibrium issues that make going up and down stairs frequently too dangerous or other symptoms that require consideration. People may need to remodel their existing homes, buy new houses or even build a home that can accommodate someone’s needs while living with a significant brain injury.

Their household contributions will change

If someone used to work a very demanding job with a high salary, what they provide for the family may significantly decrease after their injury. They could lose their job or need to move to a new profession where they earn far less. The rest of the family may need to make major changes to their lifestyles to reduce the average monthly household expenses.

Additionally, someone with a brain injury may no longer be capable of doing the same work around the house that they once performed. Other family members may need to take on new responsibilities ranging from yard work and vehicle maintenance to child care and meal preparation. Other times, families have to hire professionals to manage that process.

It can be very challenging for families to fully accommodate and support someone who has recently developed a TBI, and they may need financial compensation to cover the costs generated by someone’s recent harm. Recognizing the various consequences that a brain injury can inspire may help people to better evaluate their family’s need for compensation and to seek legal guidance accordingly.