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What therapies are possible after losing a limb in an accident?

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2023 | Serious Injuries |

As we have discussed before, the economic consequences of amputations associated with vehicle accidents can devastate your personal finances. Still, it is hard to imagine the scope of the medical costs you may face as an amputee.

It may help you better visualize the financial aftermath of accident-related amputations by learning about the treatments and therapies victims typically need. Below are some professionals Johns Hopkins Medical recommends for recovering amputees.

Physical medical doctor

You may be wondering if this is simply another term for a medical doctor or general physician, but it is a relatively new medical field. A physical medical doctor, sometimes known as a physiatrist, places a special focus on the rehabilitation of those disabled by an injury or disorder.

Occupational therapist

A top goal for you may be regaining your independence after recovering physically from your amputation. Undergoing occupational therapy can help you develop new work skills or regain those you lost.

Rehabilitation psychologist

Most amputees experience substantial psychological aftereffects at some point during their recovery. A rehabilitation therapist helps you process and overcome the emotional byproducts of an unexpected amputation.

Orthotic specialist or prosthetist

Using an orthotic device or prosthesis can improve your mobility and independence, but you shouldn’t order one off the Internet. To ensure your device fits and provides proper support, you will need to consult with a specialist.

Physical therapist

These professionals help patients rebuild muscular strength and improve flexibility and coordination. They can also teach you how to use a prosthetic or orthotic device.

Even just one of the options above will cost thousands of dollars on top of the medical expenses you have already incurred. Getting the maximum compensation under California injury and accident laws helps ensure you have enough to meet all your needs after an amputation.