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3 dangerous weather and fatal truck accidents in California

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

California is a large state; because of this, the different regions in the state experience extremely different weather conditions. In fact, it isn’t unusual for truckers to drive through thunderstorms, blizzards, heavy fog and more. 

While bad weather can cause delays, inconvenience and other issues it can also contribute to serious and even fatal accidents. Dealing with bad weather properly and staying safe is a must for truckers and others on the road. 

1. Freezing rain

When the air temperature falls, the rain will eventually turn to ice. This can be dangerous since ice makes controlling a large truck extremely challenging, if not impossible. It’s best for truck drivers to get off the road at this point to avoid an accident and ensure they don’t put their lives or the lives of others on the road at risk. While uncommon, freezing rain can take California drivers by surprise.

2. Strong wind

Strong crosswinds can be powerful enough to cause a truck to be blown off the road. If you find that you are driving in these conditions, you should find a safe place to stop. This is especially true if you have a lightweight load that won’t keep you anchored to the road. Finding someplace to park where your truck is shielded from the wind is also important. This will help you avoid a potentially fatal accident. 

3. High heat

High heat can be dangerous and create dangerous driving conditions, too. It can cause your tires to melt and make optimum operation impossible. This creates hazards for everyone on the road. 

Your rights after a truck accident

You have rights if you are involved in a truck accident and suffer injuries. It’s important to know your legal rights to ensure that you pursue compensation against the driver or trucking company within the allotted time period.