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Life after an accident-related amputation

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2022 | Serious Injuries |

Any traumatic injury suffered in a premises mishap or car accident needs a serious approach, but some injuries are worse than others. A crash-related amputation, for example, is not just life-threatening–it is life-changing.

In the modern medical arena, a doctor has an excellent chance of saving your life after losing a limb. However, your road to recovery will still be long and filled with overwhelming expenses.

Immediate treatment

The traumatic loss of a limb requires surgical intervention as soon as possible (within six hours) to achieve the most favorable outcome. If the severed part of the limb is viable and the patient is healthy enough, the surgeon may attempt replantation. Unfortunately, replantation can complicate and extend the recovery period.

Physical rehabilitative measures

Emergency medical treatment is not the only expense amputation patients face. They must undergo extensive rehabilitation to prevent declining health and become accustomed to their limb loss. Rehabilitation and other forms of post-amputation therapy are prohibitively expensive.

Psychological rehabilitative measures

The loss of a limb affects your psychological health at least as much as it affects your physical well-being. Most people require counseling or therapy to learn how to cope following traumatic amputation. You can add the cost of psychological treatment to the growing list of expenses that arise after losing a limb.

Get the compensation you deserve

It is hard to think of money in the immediate aftermath of traumatic amputation, but you must. When you anticipate the costs of treatment, you have better odds of getting the maximum amount of restitution. We recommend learning more about California accident and injury compensation laws to strengthen your claim.