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Why you shouldn’t wear headphones when you run

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2022 | Serious Injuries |

As a runner, you know how tempting it is to listen to music while you run. You want to throw on your headphones or earbuds, crank up your favorite playlist, and enjoy the daily jog. You may even feel that it helps you run faster because the fast music amps you up.

All that may be true, but there is a very serious reason why you should run without any music playing and without any headphones. It could put you in danger of being injured.

The role of distraction

The problem comes if you’re running near cars and traffic lanes. Music is very distracting, and the headphones or earbuds can help to block out the noise around you. This makes it harder for you to stay alert and pay attention to what’s occurring.

This means that you may not hear a vehicle as it gets close to you, and that’s dangerous if the driver has made a mistake. For instance, you may know that you have the right of way to cross, but what if someone is about to turn and strikes you in the crosswalk? Without headphones, you may be far less distracted and it may be much easier to hear that vehicle starting to turn. With music playing, you may be lost in the song and you may not hear anything happening around you until you get hit.

This doesn’t mean it’s your fault

While it is wise to run without headphones for the sake of safety, wearing them doesn’t mean it’s your fault that the driver made a mistake. If you’ve been seriously injured in a crash with a car, take the time to look into your legal options.