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The mall can be a dangerous place

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2022 | Serious Injuries |

Malls are utilized by citizens across California for many reasons. Obviously, malls present a location where shoppers can go and purchase items such as food and clothing. However, the mall is also a place where kids go to hang out, or where families host their weekly outings.

In any case, when people are at the mall they generally feel relaxed and safe. Sadly, no location is risk-free and accidents do occur in shopping centers.


Is it your first day off of work for a week or two? Perhaps you’ve heard there is a sale at your favorite store? The chances are that you are not alone. Most people appreciate a bargain and the mall is a prime recreational spot. If everyone has the same thoughts in mind, the mall could become crowded very quickly.

Overcrowding is a serious issue and it can lead to severe injuries. If you are smaller in stature, then you are likely to be knocked over, trampled and even crushed. The management of shopping premises has a duty to keep numbers at a safe level and if they have failed to do so, they could be held liable for any injuries.

Escalator injuries

Virtually every shopping mall has escalators. Sometimes, these can be extravagant and provide access to numerous floors. They make getting from A to B much easier, and they can take a little weight off after a long day’s shopping. Nonetheless, escalators do present a risk of accidents. A malfunction with the machinery or a loose guard rail can soon result in a nasty incident. Escalators tend to be made of sharp and solid material, which can cause great harm during a fall from a height.

While you should enjoy your trips to the mall, keep the potential dangers in mind. If you have been injured on one of your outings, there may be a path open to you to pursue legal compensation.