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Motorcyclists are more exposed to severe injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2022 | Serious Injuries |

The climate and surroundings in Southern California make for the ideal terrain for motorcyclists. Riders enjoy both long and short trips, and they often find motorcycling the most efficient way to get around.

As rewarding as jumping on a bike can be, there are also a number of dangers. Motorcyclists simply do not have the same levels of physical protection that other vehicles enjoy. In a road traffic collision, the motorcyclist is almost always going to fare worse.

The head and neck area are exposed

There are some heavy-duty helmets out there that afford protection to the brain. You’ll also find neck braces and other items that shield this area from harm. Sadly, these items are not guaranteed to prevent injury during a collision. Skull fractures after bike accidents are extremely common, even when a helmet has been utilized. In severe circumstances, this can result in traumatic brain injuries, which can be life-altering and potentially fatal.

The impact of a collision or fall can also cause the neck to jar. In some cases, damage to the spine can occur. In the immediate aftermath of an accident, some injuries are not always immediately present. Symptoms can take days to come on. Despite this, it is pivotal that you get yourself checked out medically as soon as possible after an accident.

Injuries to the lower body

Your head is not the only area of the body that is exposed on a motorcycle. Knee pads and other equipment do offer a little protection, but there is only so much they can assist during a serious collision. Fractures to the legs, ankles, knees and hips are all common during motorcycle collisions. At best, such injuries will see you out of commission for months and you may even require long-term physical therapy.

You have every right to feel safe while traveling on your motorcycle. If another driver has damaged your health through negligence, you may have a route to legal compensation.