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Can you take legal action against your gym if you’re injured?

| Aug 29, 2021 | Uncategorized |

You go to your gym, Pilates studio or another fitness facility to get in shape. You expect to have some aches and pains – especially the day after a vigorous workout where you’ve pushed yourself. You may even overdo things and sprain or tear a muscle or tendon. Typically, the gym doesn’t bear any responsibility for that. 

Chances are that when you joined, you signed an agreement with language designed to ensure that the gym couldn’t be held responsible for virtually anything you might do there that could hurt you. You may wonder if you can ever hold them liable for an injury, and if so, in which instances.

Holding a gym liable for malfunctioning equipment

The gym has a responsibility to maintain its equipment, including getting it fixed when it needs repairs. If you suffer injuries while using malfunctioning fitness equipment, even if you were using it properly, you may have a valid reason to file a claim against the gym or the manufacturer.

Pursuing litigation after dangerous workouts or a training injury

Trainers are there to push people to do more than they realized they could. However, they have a responsibility to take into consideration people’s physical limitations and health issues. If a trainer ignored those issues and you suffered harm, it might be possible to hold the trainer or gym liable. However, that could be a more difficult case to prove than if they did something like drop a weight on you.

Filing suit after suffering injuries by others at the gym

Typically, fitness facilities require that parents supervise children and teens under a certain age. However, if a child (or adult) is acting irresponsibly and injures you, then you may be able to take legal action against the gym and the person (or parent of a child) who hurt you.

If you’ve suffered an injury or other harm that you believe was your fitness facility’s responsibility, then it’s wise to find your membership agreement and review it carefully. Your contract should outline the steps you’ve agreed to take in instances where negligence has occurred.