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What age group has the most fatal auto accidents?

| May 20, 2021 | Serious Injuries |

Crash statistics can help us understand how and why motor vehicle accidents take place. Ideally, they can also help you avoid accidents or understand what safety precautions to take.

With that in mind, what demographic group has the most deadly accidents? We know that age plays a role in overall accidents — they’re most common with young, inexperienced drivers — but does that hold true when sorting by fatalities?

Both young and old drivers see increased risks

The safest group, it turns out, is middle age drivers. Those who are very young (from 16 to 20) and those who are more advanced in years (65 years and up) see the highest fatality rates. There is clearly an increased risk on both sides of the spectrum.

Why is this true? For young drivers, it’s often just because they crash so often. They may also be more likely to speed and drive aggressively. Not only do these actions make accidents more likely, but they can make those collisions more severe than they would be otherwise.

With older drivers, the issue is often just the physical condition of the drivers. They may be more frail than younger drivers, and therefore, more likely to pass away from their injuries. If a 70-year-old and a 22-year-old were involved in the same accident, the 70-year-old may suffer much more serious injuries and damage compared to the 22-year-old who might walk away with only minor injuries.

Seeking compensation after a crash

Have you lost a loved one in a serious car accident? Regardless of their age, if another driver caused that crash, you may be able to seek compensation.