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The dangers of driving during low-light conditions

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2021 | Serious Injuries |

It seems roadways in Southern California are always congested. Typically, roadways are the most crowded during the morning and evening commute. Most commuters think nothing of driving during the low-light conditions at dusk or dawn. However, driving during these hours can be hazardous. Here’s how to stay safe and avoid motor vehicle accidents when driving in low-light conditions.

Changes in vision

Lighting will change as the sun comes up or goes down and drivers’ eyes will have to adjust as needed. As eyes are adjusting, vision and depth perception can be affected. Drivers who find themselves in this situation should keep their eyes on the road and be aware of what’s in front of them while their eyes are adjusting to the outside conditions.


Headlights and traffic lights are necessary and serve specific purposes. However, these lights are bright and can cause a glare, making driving hazardous during low-light conditions. A good tip for drivers to avoid glare is to shift focus just to the right as vehicles approach and avoid staring directly into headlights.

Deer and other wildlife

Many types of wildlife are the most active during the dawn and dusk hours. Fast moving deer can jump in front of a vehicle before the driver has time to react, causing an accident. Always stay diligent and be on the lookout for wildlife, especially when driving through rural areas.

It is safer to travel during the day, but this is not always possible. The heaviest traffic usually occurs during low-light hours. Accidents will happen when drivers neglect to pay attention to their surroundings. Those in California who are injured due to negligence in motor vehicle accidents have the right to pursue legal recourse. A successfully litigated lawsuit could provide substantial monetary relief to help victims and loved ones get through this traumatic experience.