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Brutal hit-and-run crash leaves a pedestrian with serious injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2020 | Serious Injuries |

There are pedestrians literally everywhere in cities across California. For some people, walking or running along sidewalks is the preferred form of exercise and recreation. To others, traveling by foot is their primary source of transportation. Regardless, nearly every city resident is a pedestrian at some point during the day. However, when pedestrians and vehicles are utilizing the same roadways, the potential for serious injuries always exists.

A recent hit-and-run accident in Bakersfield seriously injured a pedestrian. The disturbing accident happened along East California Avenue during the afternoon hours and was captured on nearby security cameras. The video shows a woman approaching a sidewalk from a parking lot. Just as she nears the roadway, an out-of-control sedan flies into the picture and slams into the pedestrian, knocking her off her feet and into the air. The footage shows the driver and two passengers get out of the sedan and look at the woman who was laying on the sidewalk.

Then, they go back to the vehicle, get their belongings and walk away from the scene. Reports said people who were near the scene rendered aid to the injured pedestrian until medical assistance arrived. The pedestrian was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries and will reportedly require crutches for months. Police said they are still searching for the driver and passengers who left the scene of the accident.

Any time a person goes near a crowded roadway, he or she is at risk. Those in California who have suffered injuries due to negligence in an accident have the right to speak with a seasoned personal injury attorney and take legal action. A lawsuit, if successful, could result in substantial monetary damages to help victims and families recover from this traumatic experience.