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TBIs could have long-lasting effects

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2020 | Serious Injuries |

A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, could happen in many ways in Southern California. What can seem like a simple bump on the head might lead to a concussion or other common head injuries. The potential for ongoing debilitating effects of a TBI make it among the more difficult injuries to reach a suitable settlement in personal injury cases. There are few standardized treatments, but victims often report commonly occurring symptoms from the ongoing effects of TBIs.

Potentially disabling effects of TBIs

A TBI can have physical and cognitive symptoms that cause extreme behavioral changes and impact a person’s ability to work, maintain relationships or even stay out of trouble. A serious TBI could cause a coma followed by extensive physical and mental rehabilitation services. Some TBIs can change the victim’s personality and cause aggressive behavior. Many victims cannot resume their chosen careers and might suffer a partial or total disability that makes it impossible to earn a living.

Cognitive and emotional effects

Some of the symptoms and ongoing effects of a TBI are only apparent to the victim. Cognitive problems can arise that make it harder to focus and concentrate. The thought process might slow while confusion and impulsiveness become more prominent. Some injuries might cause the victim to have difficulty speaking or understanding simple speech. Reading comprehension might also suffer and lead to reduced job opportunities.

Sensory depletion might take hold

Among the potential effects of a TBI is the possibility of decreased sensory ability. Vision can become blurry or worsen the depth of perception, and hearing ability might decrease or go away altogether. The senses of taste and smell could also become diminished and lessen quality of life. These combined ill effects of TBIs might be difficult to demonstrate in a court of law. An experienced personal injury law attorney may work to build an effective case that nets a suitable outcome for TBI victims.