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Facing the future after a burn injury

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2020 | Serious Injuries |

Accident injuries that include serious burns likely mean a long, painful recovery and the possibility of never returning to life as you knew it. In fact, reaching the maximum possible recovery from a severe burn may take years and still leave you with disfiguring scars and the potential need for additional surgeries throughout your life.

This may be a shock to someone who is struggling to make sense of a preventable accident resulting from someone else’s negligent or reckless actions. However, understanding what to expect from your medical care and learning about your options may allow you to move forward into a bright and hopeful future.

Taking care of your injuries

Infection is one of the greatest risks you will face after suffering a burn wound. This is because the skin is most effective for protecting the body from bacteria that causes infection. When that skin tissue suffers damage, it can no longer do its job. Guarding against infection will be an important focus of your aftercare since infections at burn sites can be deadly.

Additionally, if your burn injuries required doctors to take skin from other parts of your body to cover the affected area, those donor sites also face the risk of infection. You will also have another wound to care for. Some important steps you will take as you recover will likely include:

  • Wearing special garments over the burn and donor sites
  • Protecting your injuries from cold and heat
  • Doing appropriate stretches and exercises to keep the skin pliable and to decrease stiffness
  • Monitoring your body for signs of infection
  • Getting plenty of rest, good nutrition and hydration
  • Changing your bathing routine to avoid damaging your sensitive skin
  • Dealing with itchiness, blisters and dry skin as your wounds heal
  • Facing the new reality of your appearance

The areas affected by the burns will likely leave you with permanent scars and discoloration. These may look their worst for the first year and progress as time passes. Deeper burns may result in a longer recovery and more extensive scarring as well as other permanent injuries, such as nerve damage.

Your choices

Obtaining high quality medical care and aftercare will be essential to reaching the most complete recovery possible. Having the right California professionals on your team may improve the chances of reaching your recovery goals. This may include doctors who specialize in burn injuries, counselors to help you deal with the trauma and legal advisors to guide you in pursuing damages for your pain and suffering.