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Fatal motor vehicle accidents can happen at any time

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2020 | Serious Injuries |

Operating a motor vehicle these days can be risky and downright dangerous, especially in Southern California. Roadways here are crowded and congested nearly 24 hours a day. Accidents are nearly inevitable, and most California drivers will experience a crash at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, more and more of these motor vehicle accidents are proving to be fatal.

A recent accident on a well-traveled roadway resulted in the tragic death of a driver. The crash happened during the overnight hours along the westbound lanes of Interstate 80 near Vacaville. According to reports from the California Highway Patrol, a sedan and another car were involved in a minor accident and had pulled over to the side of the roadway.

Reports said both drivers were standing outside their vehicles exchanging information when another westbound vehicle crashed into the sedan, pushing the sedan into the driver who was standing beside the car. Reportedly, the driver of the sedan became trapped between the vehicle and the center highway divider. Authorities said the driver of the sedan was killed in the crash. The drivers of the other two vehicles suffered only minor injuries, police said.

Losing focus for just a split second behind the wheel is more than enough time for an accident to happen. California families who have suffered loss due to negligence in motor vehicle accidents have options available to help with the pain and suffering that often comes with losing a loved one. By filing a wrongful death lawsuit, surviving family members could be awarded much-needed and rightful compensation as well as a sense of justice.