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Premises liability laws offer protection for customers

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | Serious Injuries |

Southern California is a very popular tourist destination. People from around the world visit to take advantage of the wonderful climate as well as the many first-class dining and shopping opportunities available here. However, thousands of people are injured every year due to hazardous conditions in stores and restaurants. Fortunately, there are premises liability laws in the state of California that say business and property owners must provide a safe, hazard-free environment for all lawful visitors. Unfortunately, the owners of public establishments don’t always comply with these laws.

In another state, a man allegedly fell in the parking lot of a business due to hazardous conditions and he filed a lawsuit. The man said he visited a home improvement store to do some shopping. According to the lawsuit, the man encountered a large pothole in the parking lot as he exited his vehicle. Allegedly, he stepped in the pothole and fell, suffering severe and disabling injuries.

The man said he was forced to seek medical attention and incurred medical expenses as a result of his alleged injuries. He accuses the store owners of negligence and claims the defendant failed to inspect the property, failed to eliminate the hazard and failed to warn customers of the dangerous condition of the parking lot. The plaintiff seeks compensatory damages and all just relief.

Customers should not have to be concerned with safety when visiting stores, restaurants and other public establishments. Those in California who have suffered injuries due to the negligence of property or business owners can take action by filing a claim in civil court. A successful premises liability lawsuit can provide victims and families with compensation to help pay medical expenses and recover financial losses.