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A serious injury causes hardships for the whole family

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2019 | Serious Injuries |

Suffering from a serious injury due to an accident or other unexpected situation in California is difficult to handle. It affects you in many ways. Perhaps you have lost your ability walk or you can no longer do things you once could due to a traumatic brain injury. In any case, the hardships to you are clear. What you may not notice is the effect your injury has on your family.

It is very normal for family members to keep their worries and stress hidden because they want you to heal and not have to worry about them. However, any serious injury will have a negative effect on those around you, too.

Hardships for the family

According to Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers, your family members will each go through their own process of dealing with and understanding your serious injury. This can take longer for some people than others. You may notice some family members struggle with accepting what has happened. This could lead to mental health issues.

Your family may also suffer trauma. They may feel uneasy and worried about what will happen next with you and your recovery.

Furthermore, your family unit changes. If you were the main wage earner, finances may take a hit. There are also going to be role changes as someone else steps into your old role. Things adjust even more once you go home and family must become your caregiver.


You probably know that you can get compensation for the injury from the guilty party, but your family may be able to as well. There are a few options.

One is making a loss of consortium claim, according to Plaintiff Magazine. This is something your spouse may do if your injury prevents him or her from enjoying your companionship and normal marital relations. Your spouse would file the claim with the help of an attorney.

Another option is contacting the Victim Compensation Board, which offers compensation for economic loss due to a personal injury situation for family members. Only certain personal injury cases qualify, though.

The bottom line is there is help for your family as they adjust to the new reality. While you may not be in the physical or mental condition to help them, the law is on their side.