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Serious Injuries

Common types of catastrophic injury

The term “catastrophic injury” is used frequently to describe the most debilitating injuries that result from accidents. Often, these are classified as severe brain injuries as well as damages to the spinal cord. However, the term may also be used for any type of...

All motorists must be well rested before driving

People sometimes think that they can drive even when they are sleepy. This isn’t ever a good idea because fatigue can lead to serious wrecks. Unfortunately, there are people who still drive without sufficient rest. Many don’t realize that being awake for 18 hours can...

What age group has the most fatal auto accidents?

Crash statistics can help us understand how and why motor vehicle accidents take place. Ideally, they can also help you avoid accidents or understand what safety precautions to take. With that in mind, what demographic group has the most deadly accidents? We know that...