Product Liability

Product manufactures receive a financial benefit from selling their products to the public. Manufactures are, therefore, legally responsible for all the harm caused to consumers product that are defective. Brock & Gonzales, LLP represent individuals injured by defective products. 


A product may be “defective” if it contains a manufacturing defect, a design defect, or a warning defect.

A manufacturing defect occurs when the product is different from what the manufacturer intended;

A design defect occurs when the product failed to perform as safely as an ordinary consumer would expect; and

A warning defect occurs when a product does not have a warning that adequately instructs consumers how use the product without harm or when a product does not have a warning that informs consumers of the risks or side effects of using the product.

examples of the Types of Product Liability Cases

  • Motor Vehicle Malfunction
  • Defective Tires or Airbags
  • Faulty Medical Devices
  • Harmful Prescription Drugs
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems Malfunction
  • Dangerous Bathtubs and Showers 
  • Dangers Machinery and Tools
  • Food and Beverages Contamination
  • Household Items, Furniture and Appliances Malfunction
  • Toxic Health and Beauty Supplies
  • Sporting Goods and Equipment Malfunction
  • Toxic Substances and Chemicals
  • Harmful Clothing
  • Dangerous Toys

What are you Entitled to Recover in a product liability case?

  • All of your medical expenses, even if your health insurance paid for your medical treatment
  • Monetary compensation for your past and future physical pain, mental suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, disfigurement, physical impairment, inconvenience, grief, anxiety, humiliation, and emotional distress
  • All of your lost wages if you missed any time from work or your injuries affected your ability to earn money into the future
  • Punitive damages to deter the product manufacturer from engaging in similar conduct in the future
  • Your husband or wife may also be able to recover for the loss of your love, companionship, comfort, care, assistance, protection, affection, society, moral support and sexual relations